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Category: recycled hack

scar tissue by fiona hall

Scar Tissue, made entirely from knitted video tape, “includes children’s toys – a golliwog, a bear, Mickey Mouse – along with body parts. The viewer’s memory and role is emphasized: who has not seen a…

corset knithacked with recycled wire from old TV’s

Made and shared by Alison Bailey Smith aka abscraft, who says this was made with “tops of films cannisters and metal washers from televisions with recycled wire from old TV’s circa 1989/1990”. Photo by Peter…

Spotted: scarf bomb at MIT

via V Crosson: “This appeared on a new sculpture on MIT’s campus this week (possibly for finals?) Kudos to whoever knitted this monster; it’s gotta be forty feet long, and is wholly made of t-shirt…

sock armchair

Made by Neta Amir, who blogs about her whole project here (look for the creature, the cat and the raven).

t-shirt rug

“hand knit rug from strips of old tee shirts…” t-shirt rug Originally uploaded by theytoldmesew hand knit rug from strips of old tee shirts…

plastic fantastic

plastic fantastic Originally uploaded by Larry-Lou Read more about it at Larry-Lou’s blog: my heads full up