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Category: recycled hack

Bulletproof Baby Snow Suit

Art critic Susie Karlowski says: “Artist Dave Cole has a series entitled “Kevlar Baby Clothes”, which features exactly that: baby clothes created from bullet-proof vests discarded from the war in Iraq. Cole’s work often juxtaposes…

Nontrivial Pursuit

Nontrivial Pursuit Originally uploaded by victorvonsalza In theory: “Julie Lindell’s proposed installation will resemble a giant knitting ball. The ball of yarn, made of sticks and found objects, will stand ten feet around. Pierced by…

Knit blanket made by WW2 POW still intact

Jim Simpson with his rug The former prisoner of war, who spent more than 19 months in Germany’s World War II prison camps, not only survived interrogations and torture but managed to knit arguably Australia’s…

Tea Mug Cozy

Tea Mug Cozy – Made of 100% recycled yarns! A cozy way to insulate and decorate your tea mug… Originally made and uploaded by

Knitted Jewelry Frame

Knitted Jewelry Frame Originally uploaded by stitchdiva New free pattern download available at Stitch Diva Studios:

Knitted iPod Nano Cozy

Knitted iPod Nano Cozy Made of a recycled red cotton yarn, 100% wool for the flower, plus an organic/bamboo yarn for the flower’s white center. A KnitStorm Creation. Originally made and uploaded by

Mitten Man…

… has found a place in my heart forever more. I love you Mitten Man. Mitten Man Originally uploaded by SomeArtFabric