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Tiny Knitting – Teeny Knit Gyoza, Wee Knit Edamame

Patterns by MochiMochi Land: So cute and delicious too! Made by Hannah Kaminsky aka Bitter-Sweet. Patterns by MochiMochi Land:

crocheted by mum, designed by rachel.

I really love it when parents take their kids’ art and transform it into fibrous wonders… the original art work this is based on was not available, but you can tell it’s AWESOME. Created by…

zombie decoy brain hat!

I’m sorry I don’t have a source, if you know – leave me a comment below. Spotted via Thea Munster and Steve Burntalive Meek.


Designed and made by Anu Koski who says, “The Jazz-birds is a collection five Jazz-Crows and five Beat-tits, all with unique colors but similar looks. Here you can meet the Crows.”

employed androids

Made and shared by zuperdzigh aka dressy TAB: Made and shared by KnittingMneme:


HA! Made and shared by Jill Watt. Get the pattern on Etsy for five bucks!


Made and shared by the Hine Mizushima.