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Yoon Ji Seon’s Rag Face #43

Korean artist Yoon Ji Seon creates self-portraits by intricately stitching photographs with a sewing machine. She stitches over her face and particularly her mouth, often leaving only the eyes untouched … See the Rag Face…

The Call of Pikathulhu

I choose you, Pikathulhu! Pikathulhu Plush by Crafty Ridge – click through for the pattern. Knit Pikathulhu by PixieFace, based on Octopus pattern by Hansi Singh. Crocheted by Kutuleras via Etsy. “CTHULACHU” crocheted by Julie…

LED Lights, Camera, IKEA!

It seems lately that every where I go, knitters and crocheters are talking about this totally useful, handy and downright necessary IKEA utility cart. At least two people at my work have one … and…

“Makers Gonna Make”

Well ain’t that the truth! Hi, Jenny Brown made this to celebrate New Jersey’s first Maker’s Day earlier this year. Thanks for the submission Jenny!