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knitted clock

The Automatik says, “I saw this hideous creation in a thrift store down the street.” LOL… knitted clock Originally uploaded by The Automatik

wonderful woollen wedding gown

Louise Fairburn, who is an award-winning sheep breeder, decided to get married in a fleece from her own flock. She designed the gown and took wool from her favourite rare Lincoln Longwool, Olivia. Read more…

Anarchist protestor in knitted balaclava

“Anarchist protestor in knitted balaclava May Day March, Paris, 1 May 2009” I think this might actually be crocheted, difficult to tell for certain. Anarchist protestor in knitted balaclava Originally uploaded by Dave Walsh Photography

Tiny Vacuum Cleaner

“He’s seeking therapy after years of being told that he sucks.” Aren’t we all? Tiny Vacuum Cleaner Originally made and uploaded by Mochimochi Land


Another amazing entrelac piece from fuzzyjay. Entrelac-tagon in hand Originally made and uploaded by fuzzyjay

Locutus of Borg

“Resistance… is futile. Your life as it has been… is over. From this time forward… you will service… us.” LOCUTUS of BORG Originally made and uploaded by niftyknits

Viking Chicken Hat

So, this one’s made the rounds — even came up in casual conversation with a friend last weekend… Viking Chicken Hat – Drumstick Close-Up Originally made and uploaded by maja dren Am I crazy or…

giolou’s knithacked weeds

so misunderstood… Originally made and uploaded by giolou What a great idea – I love it. Free pattern:


Originally made and uploaded by estonia76 From estonia76: “This is a Maikaefer (May beetle) that I knit as a custom piece for a Swiss video artist who is making a stop-motion animated film. It involves…

gorgeous knithack skirt

Isn’t this awesome? It’s the perfect summer skirt, I swear. Made and uploaded by Gail, aka adhd_knitting. Join her on Ravelry too!