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knithacked knitting needle

It may be useless for knitting, but I’m sure my son would be happy to have a pair of these. He’s always trying to grab my needles when I’m knitting. It’s amazing how toddlers always…

Kelly Ridley’s Cocooning project

Kelly Ridley knit herself inside an egg: Cocooning: Over the course of the installation, Ridley knit an egg around herself, sealing herself from the outside world. The egg was connected to yarns and knitted panels…

Knit Meat By Stephanie Casper

OK. These. Are. Awesome. They don’t even need the awesomesauce, they’re so awesome. “Knit Meat” originally uploaded and made by Stephanie Casper.

Lolo’s Amazing Gator Scarf by Anny Purls

This was knit with Knitpicks Swish using Terry Ross’s ‘What a croc’ pattern (free from Ravelry) … Anny Purls modified this pattern “by knitting a striped lining (knit with shaping as for the gator top…

Pom Pom Flower

I love this for it’s simplicity. Very nice. Pom Pom Flower Originally uploaded by poopscape There’s a tutorial over at Poopscape.

Jim Drain’s Ninja Bricks Sweater

Jim Drain is an artist who finds current inspiration in both pixels and retro video games. Switched says: “A fan of both ‘Double Dragon’ and ‘Legend of Zelda,’ Drain seems like a nerd at heart….

Crocheted Headphone Covers

We’ve seen this concept before but these are exceptionally well done. Crocheted Headphone Covers Originally made and uploaded by trina brielle.