Locutus of Borg

“Resistance… is futile. Your life as it has been… is over. From this time forward… you will service… us.” LOCUTUS of BORG Originally made and uploaded by niftyknits

VHS Dress

Originally uploaded by Alison Friday – alison-friday-crochet-knit-art-world.blogspot.co.uk

Viking Chicken Hat

So, this one’s made the rounds — even came up in casual conversation with a friend last weekend… Viking Chicken Hat – Drumstick Close-Up Originally made and uploaded by maja dren Am I crazy or…

giolou’s knithacked weeds

so misunderstood… Originally made and uploaded by giolou What a great idea – I love it. Free pattern: http://mochimochiland.com/weblog/2009/06/free-pattern-weeeds/


Originally made and uploaded by estonia76 From estonia76: “This is a Maikaefer (May beetle) that I knit as a custom piece for a Swiss video artist who is making a stop-motion animated film. It involves…