ZING and PLONK Originally made and uploaded by la bestiole à roulettes / the bug on wheels

Dublin yarnbomb!

Knit graffiti – Tyypillinen sää Originally uploaded by norsuneiti

yoga socks

I must make myself a pair of these! yoga socks Originally uploaded by Valokki

“Sienna Miller cardigan” knitted by mom

Junie B saw Sienna Miller wearing this cardigan and she fell in love with it. She sent two photos to her knit-fabulous mom who knithacked the pattern to make a replica cardigan! Genius, eh? "sienna…

Sir Toastee

Sir Toastee Originally made and uploaded by Yummy Pancake

Jo Hamilton’s crochet PORTRAITS!

I can hardly believe how awesome Jo’s portraits are: See original photographs and more portraits: http://johamiltonart.com If you live in Portland, go see them live @ Stumptown Downtown. These portraits definitely confirm my suspicions that…