woolly easter eggs

woolly easter eggs 2 Originally made and uploaded by The Beauty is in the Detail


Love Originally made and uploaded by Alison Friday – KnittingForArt.com

A present for you on my birthday.

Presenting … the pusher. Could there possibly be a better bit of crafty genius to celebrate one’s own birth? Made by CozyColeman, (whose Etsy shop is closed until April 15th) via Extreme Craft.

Bedikat (Biur) Chametz

Bedikat (Biur) Chametz Originally made and uploaded by TikkunKnits who says: Jewish families world-wide are preparing for the arrival of Passover. For many, the preparations begin with rigorous spring cleaning, culminating in a ritual family…

Pastafarian Reflection

Behold, the Flying Spaghetti Monster in all His Noodly Glory – knithacked of course… RAmen! Pastafarian Reflection Originally made and uploaded by Pockafwye

A punnet of strawberries

A punnet of strawberries Originally uploaded by tjstaab tjstaab says: For the free pattern please visit: www.favecrafts.com/Knitting/Strawberries-Knitting-Pattern

Ninjabun and his cunning carrot cohorts.

“Beware the Ninjabun… he’s covert, sneaky, and VERY hungry. This pattern features one cute tiny bunny, his two carrot friends, and a knitted garden for them all to hide in.” Buy the pattern for five…