Ribbed Bustier

Ribbed Bustier Originally made and uploaded by nguyen le Pattern available at knitknit.etsy.com

Bubble gum spider web scarf

Stefanie Girard made this scarf using Debbie New’s scribble lace technique… read all about it over at Craftside. Stef has posted her pattern too!


isabelle Originally made and uploaded by greasy chicken face Of Isabelle, greasy chicken face says: “this is a doll i made. i will be giving each doll a name since they are handmade (knit) and…

cheep cheep

cheep cheep Originally made and uploaded by this lyre lark pattern on ravelry instructions on craftster!

fuzzyjay’s entrelac baby shape

Entrelac definition from Wikipedia: Entrelac is a knitting technique used to create a textured diamond pattern. While the end result resembles basket-woven strips of knitted fabric, the actual material comprises interconnected squares on two different…

Happy Pi Day 3.14!!

The pattern for the knitted pi you see before you can be purchased from Kimberly Chapman as part of her 3D Alphabet set. Happy Pi Day to you fellow knithacker!

Knitting Needles and Yarn Cameo Brooch

I love jewelry made with resin, it’s an art form I dabble in myself. The knitting theme of craftyFOLK‘s lovely piece below makes it a perfect selection for knithacker. Knitting Needles and Yarn Cameo with…

Molting Yeti’s Seamless Starfish

I just discovered Daniel Yuhas and his “Super Fun Knits” over at Molting Yeti. With a flair for whimsy, Daniel offers several silly-fun patterns for sale (of his own creation), including this amazing seamless starfish:…

Craft Fair Banner

Craft Fair Banner Originally made and uploaded by Hand Knitted Things – currently being used as the header graphic at http://handknittedthings.blogspot.com