Bacon and Egg Jellyfish

A yummy knithack in the truest spirit of knithacking (er, crochethacking!!)… Bacon and Egg Jellyfish Originally made and uploaded by Yummy Pancake

Octo-pouch scarf

Originally made and uploaded by red suede kitten, who says: “This scarf won an award at the Craft Victoria 2007 Melbourne Scarf Festival. It was the “Best Scarf to Hold a Metcard”. Metcards are the…

Found: one Egyptian deity

Sometimes knithacks just appear. No one knows why or when, they just do — as in the case of Knithack Shu, found on the street by way of toypincher. It looks like he’s lost his…

knithacker on the subway

It’s hard for me to tell if this crafty lad is practising the art of knit or crochet, but in any case, he gets my vote as the coolest knithacking dude in the universe. via…

Knitted Jewelry Frame

Knitted Jewelry Frame Originally uploaded by stitchdiva New free pattern download available at Stitch Diva Studios: