knithack for your swiffer

I’m in the process of selling my house at the moment, so I’m very well acquainted with my Swiffer. I really hate the waste it produces, so the idea of a re-usable cloth for it…

wrist warmers on outdoor sculpture

UPDATE: this is the work of Perri Lewis, see the Guardian story here and check out her web site Knitta Please. Great guerrilla knitting spotted by twenty_questions! Guerilla knit Originally uploaded by twenty_questions

boot buffers! free pattern

boot buffers! outside Originally made and uploaded by giolou free pattern available at AnthroPoMorphCo’s ravelry shop: I myself have NO trouble filling my winter boots thanks to the meaty-legs gene from dear old dad……

Bacon and Egg Jellyfish

A yummy knithack in the truest spirit of knithacking (er, crochethacking!!)… Bacon and Egg Jellyfish Originally made and uploaded by Yummy Pancake