rare knit wedding cake pattern

This pattern is currently for sale at Etsy in genuinegoods4sure’s shop. She says: “This is a VERY RARE out of print knitting pattern that I have scanned the picture & re-typed out the instructions as…

Fiber Breakfast

Fiber Breakfast Originally uploaded by jugglerz4 This looks like the perfect post-holiday meal. MMMM…

Awesome Cat Bed

I’m jealous cat! So jealous of your sparkly purple sleeping arrangements I can hardly stand it! Uploaded by Pax *knits – thanks for adding this to the Knithacker pool!

knithacked komb by kelp!

This has got to be the most stunning piece I’ve encountered in a long time. The colours clinch it. Made by kelp! – thanks for adding this to the Knithacker Flickr pool.

Mitten Man…

… has found a place in my heart forever more. I love you Mitten Man. Mitten Man Originally uploaded by SomeArtFabric