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Tag: knit food

Tiny Knitting – Teeny Knit Gyoza, Wee Knit Edamame

Patterns by MochiMochi Land: So cute and delicious too! Made by Hannah Kaminsky aka Bitter-Sweet. Patterns by MochiMochi Land:

Knit Meat By Stephanie Casper

OK. These. Are. Awesome. They don’t even need the awesomesauce, they’re so awesome. “Knit Meat” originally uploaded and made by Stephanie Casper.

Presenting the … “choinkwich”

What is a choinkwich you ask? According to Alicia, it’s made of “chocolate soft serve, chocolate cookies and caramelized bacon”…. YUM! Crochet and knit choinkwich Originally made and uploaded by alicia954

A punnet of strawberries

A punnet of strawberries Originally uploaded by tjstaab tjstaab says: For the free pattern please visit: