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Tag: Mochimochi Land

Vogue Knitting Live!

Yesterday afternoon Finn and I ventured down to Times Square to check out Vogue Knitting Live. We said hello to some great folks (and long-time favourites) like Vicki Howell, Anna Hrachovec (of MochiMochiLand), Mary and…

Tiny Jackalope

Made and shared by M. DiGregorio aka neledh who used the Tiny Easter Bunny pattern from Teeny Tiny Mochimochi, ever-so-slightly modified.

Tiny Knitted Swedish Chef

Made and shared by ohdeerlette who says, she “modified the Tiny Chef pattern from Mochimochi Land to look like the Swedish Chef!”

Tiny Thing Conversion Factory: Cheeseburgers to TVs

Visit Mochimochi Land for other conversions… pandas to gnomes and trees to lions… which reminds me – did y’all see the Popbitch post about “Gnome” Chomsky, otherwise known as the Garden Noam?? Tiny Thing Conversion…

Tiny Garden Gnome

So tiny, so gardeny… So gnomey. Tiny Garden Gnome Originally made and uploaded by Mochimochi Land

Tiny Vacuum Cleaner

“He’s seeking therapy after years of being told that he sucks.” Aren’t we all? Tiny Vacuum Cleaner Originally made and uploaded by Mochimochi Land