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Month: September 2008

She Knit a Life-Sized Ferrari!

“I created a Ferrari because it is instantly recognisable and the opposite of what people expect from something that is knitted. Bringing Binary opposites together results in the work becoming appealing to a mixture of audiences.” Lauren Porter,...

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She Knit a Catherine Howard Doll and Yes, She’s Beheaded

“Imagine being courted by someone who is not only far older than you, but also incredibly fat, smelly, and has previously disposed of four previous wives. Not only that, but imagine if you had to marry the man. Poor young Catherine Howard, became the 5th wife of Henry VIII when she was somewhere between the ages of 15 and 19.” She was beheaded soon after. Read more about Catherine and this fabulous work at...

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New Book! “Knits & Pieces: A Knitting Miscellany”

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