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Month: April 2009

Seamless Short Shorts By Craig Hunter

Originally made and uploaded by Craig Hunter. Update 2017: OMG! OMG! OMG! I just realized that I know Craig from Seagull Salon … he’s such a genuine soul, so cool. To think I featured him on KnitHacker before I even knew I was moving to NYC! Wow wow wow … what a small, wonderful...

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Knit or crochet a 20x20cm square for UNICEF

From UNICEF NZ: Mother’s Day (10th May) celebrates the strength and trials of motherhood. For millions of women in the developing world the risk of HIV and AIDS is a reality, and pregnancy poses new concerns. Far too few pregnant women are tested for the virus and far too few are treated. With no diagnosis, and no treatment, the mother’s baby is at risk of contracting the disease too. Testing the mother and getting treatment to both mother and child is essential for their survival. This Mother’s Day, we want you to join UNICEF in reminding New Zealanders and our Government that every mother who is tested and treated for HIV and AIDS may one day see her child grow up healthy. The best gift a mother could have. Knit for change! Knit or crochet a 20x20cm square and post or drop it in to UNICEF by Friday 1st May. We need 1,400 squares. 1,400 represents the number of new HIV infections in children under 15 every day, mostly as a result of mother to child transmission. We will stitch the squares into a giant ‘baby blanket’ which will be handed to MPs who are mums as a symbolic gesture this Mother’s Day (see below). Download instructions on how to make your square for change and where to post the squares when you have completed them. Please let us...

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These UK Knitters Hold The Guinness World Record For The World’s Biggest Tea Cosy

BUPA care homes across Watford and Elstree set a new Guinness World Record by knitting the world’s biggest tea cosy. They knit it to help raise awareness of the issue of isolation and loneliness many elderly people face. The final tea cosy included 1924 squares in total. It stands at 3.9 metres high and 11.1 metres in Circumference. Read more about it in the Watford...

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