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Month: November 2013

Everyone! Put the Needles Down, the Knitting Witch Knits The Hobbit and Wins Knitting

The Knitting Witch (aka @KnittingWitchUK on Twitter) recently sent me this pic and I was absolute awe: Then I followed the trail, as one often does with zee internets, and let me tell you, I had my mind blown! You win! Knitting Witch, you absolutely win! She even made a Peter Jackson! Connect with The Knitting Witch right now! Flickr: Twitter:...

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Katie Freeman’s Famous Knitted Facehugger!

Don’t you hate it when this happens? Below is an illustration that explains what’s happening … to your face and throat … disgusting! Fingers crossed that it’s not too for a xenomedical technician to help you. KnitHacked facehugger made and shared by K80K80K80 who says, “I knitted a facehugger from Alien! Love you guys!” We love you too!...

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Leave the yarn bombs alone, you big thieving jerks!

I don’t usually get too upset about stolen yarn bombs. As with most street art, theft and vandalism can be part of the process … but in this case, I’m pretty sad. Not cool Portland yarn bomb thieves, not cool. “Over the weekend, however, some hooligan, malcontent or wanton Grinch tore all but one sleeve off the umbrella man in Pioneer Square.  The otters also had their warm sweaters stolen, along with the fawn.” Photo via Portland Walking Tours, @PortlandWalks. Read the rest of this sad story, “Knit sweaters ripped off iconic Portland...

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New Book! “Knits & Pieces: A Knitting Miscellany”

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