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Month: February 2014

CERN-themed knitwear! (aka European Organization for Nuclear Research)

Every year more than 1000 high-school students from Norway visit CERN. Some of the teachers return with their classes year after year. Kongsberg videregående skole and Akademiet Drammen are two such schools. On their latest visit the teacher presented a remarkable token of appreciation to the CERN staff that welcomed them – personally designed pullovers with themes from the world of particle physics! Knitting has a strong tradition in Norway and the technique found in today’s wool sweaters has been practiced since the 9th century. The activity was practiced both by men and women up to around 1900. Since...

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Sochi Winter Games-themed Window by Jill & Lorna Watt

Jill Watt of The Dapper Toad and Lorna Watt of Knits for Life designed an entirely hand knit and crocheted Sochi Winter Games themed window display for their local yarn shop, Nine Rubies, near San Francisco. Two giant squid from the new Mochimochi Huge and Huggables book ice dance in skates on a sparkling rink, winning gold medals from three Russian nesting doll judges under snowflakes inspired by the Olympic...

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Sinje Ollen Brings Furniture Back To Life

Love it! “New York-based textile artisan Sinje Ollen’s Clothing for Furniture brings new life to dusty and damaged furnishings by covering up holes, stains and other blemishes. Ollen’s colorful removable covers are made from hand-knit wool, and she carefully consults with all of her clients before beginning work – so each piece is unique.” Hat tip:...

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New Book! “Knits & Pieces: A Knitting Miscellany”

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