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Month: April 2015

These HATS are the CAT's MEOW!

I made some cat hats from the new book “Cats in Hats” by Sara Thomas — and very soon these hats will be modeled on real cats! When this book came into the Lion Brand Yarn office a couple months ago, we all marveled at its feline awesomeness. I haven’t tried a crochet pattern yet, but the knit patterns are easy and quick – one episode of Mad Men for the base and depending on the hat, maybe a half hour to an hour for finishing. Highly recommend! Get the book, you’ll love it:...

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Nigel Farage, Prefer Knit Or Crochet?

One controversial politician, two crafts – which do you like best? Knit by Pat Wilson, read more about her knitted politicians in the Metro today (UK). Voodoo pin cushion spotted in the London version of Timeout. Hilarious! My first introduction to Nigel Farage came via Schmoyoho – this also happens to be my favorite Auto-Tune the News episode...

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New Book! “Knits & Pieces: A Knitting Miscellany”

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