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Month: June 2015

Support KnitYak and Get a Unique Mathematically Knit Scarf!

KnitYak makes custom unique knit scarves and other computationally knit items with mathematical algorithms. Founder Fabienne Serriere is a hand-knitter and mathematician who fell in love with knitting algorithmic computer generated designs. Based in Seattle, she’s looking for funding so she can outfit KnitYak with an industrial knitting machine and “start a new kind of local on-demand textile industry”. It’s a worthy project that I’d love to see get funded — and being it’s a KickStarter staff pick, it has a good chance! One of the algorithms she uses is an “elementary cellular automaton” which generates knit patterns which...

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Fabulous Knithack Alert! Upcycled Platforms Covered in Knit 80s Sweater

From the maker: This is an upcycled pair of leather platform boots covered in a fun 80’s print sweater vest. There is an inside zipper on them and three hook and eye clasps above the zipper to keep them snug. They’re size 7 and they’re waiting for you at Detroit Vintage… if these were mine, I’d definitely add some gems … in homage to great Leslie Hall of course! What else can we cover in vintage sweater vests (and...

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Knit Flags by KnitsForLife Now Showing at Old Navy Flagship Stores in San Francisco, New York City and Chicago – Happy Pride!

Jill and Lorna Watt, aka KnitsForLife, have done it again!   The duo hand knit these six-foot tall Pride and US flags for Old Navy store windows in San Francisco (4th St), New York City (both 18th & 34th Streets), and Chicago (State St). In the end it took 350 feet of knitting to complete the flags … oh, and they also made the yarn! Don’t miss seeing these amazing displays, they’re only up for 10 days! Read more about this project at...

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Big Gay Wedding Cake – Crocheted!

I made a rainbow cake once and it turned out great! While I made mine with the usual ingredients, some people are making them using yarn! To celebrate yesterday’s SCOTUS decision on gay marriage (hooray!), fiber artist London Kaye crocheted this one with colorful yarn — in collaboration with Ron Ben-Israel Cakes! Follow London on her Brooklyn...

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Noreen1009's Fun Take on the Not-So-Ubiquitous Knitted Chair

Noreen sent me this colorful chair cover, which she calls Gram’s Chenille Bedspread Chair Cover. It’s based on a free design by Yuvinia Yuhadi called the Not-So-Ubiquitous Knitted Chair (follow the link for a free pattern). What a great idea – perfect way to upcycle an old rec room chair. Noreen1009 is a prolific knitter – I am in awe of her Ravelry projects page! Some highlights include these Upcycled Wristers, her Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Shawl and this creepy Bokaclava. Thanks for the great knithack,...

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Cutting Edge or Old Fashioned? He's Knitting a Watchable Scarf, One Film Frame at a Time …

From the artist, Greg Climer: “By knitting a film, one frame at a time, I am celebrating our technology’s new capabilities, our knitting craftsmen’s newest incarnation, and questioning the tangible aspects of film. Is the medium of the film equal to the content? Textile based imagery is older than celluloid yet this project could not exist without digital technology moving film beyond celluloid. So is this cutting edge or old fashioned?” Knitted Film test shot from G.J.Climer on Vimeo. “… programs are capable of speaking to knitting machines … we’re starting to link all these technologies we have together....

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"Harmonic Motion" — Crochet Playground at Toledo's Museum of Art!

So many people flagged this amazing crochet playground for me – “Hey! Did you see this?” — even people who have absolutely nothing to do with knitting or crocheting! Well no wonder, look at this! Via the Huffington Post: “Harmonic Motion” is an exhibit by Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam and Charles MacAdam that forms part of Play Time, a show that runs from May 22 to Sept. 6.” Check out the video below which features “Harmonic Motion” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome last year: Want to know more? Visit Buzzfeed for their exceptional write-up and animated-GIF...

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