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Month: January 2016

6 Ways Your Crochet Panties Could Be More Practical

Stop failing at tampon crafting! It’s time to rethink traditional tampon crafting and bring it into the realm of practicality. I present: the tampon panty with 6 built-in holsters designed for no-applicator tampons – smart and eco-friendly too! You’re well on your way to becoming a member of the menstrual militia – good luck! Panties made by Polish artist, Urszula...

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Quick-Make Gift! French Knit a USB Cable Cozy

Whether you need a quick gift or just want to add some colour / texture to your life, a USB cable cozy is a good choice. This is a project that will totally satisfy your need to make something you can finish in one day – two hours to be exact! The Supplies: Yarn – I used Textures, a worsted weight bouclé yarn. a small french knitter a USB cord a tapestry needle (not seen in picture below) The Steps: Drop the USB cable through the top opening of the french knitter with your yarn and begin to french...

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Teeny-Tiny Gnomes Taking Selfies in Knitting … these are few of my favorite things!

These wee garden gnomes, conceived and knit by one of my favorite artists, Mochimochiland aka Anna Hrachovec, joined “Gnome Team Selfie” years ago. I didn’t join “human team selfie” until late last year when I was asked to review a Gnome Workshop selfie stick. I’m skeptical of selfie culture in general and was assuming I wouldn’t like a selfie stick but I was wrong. They’re not only useful for family-based selfies, but they’re practical for taking all sorts of shots, especially from a moving golf cart on Isla Mujeres! I did get some knitting done while in Mexico this...

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New Book! “Knits & Pieces: A Knitting Miscellany”

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