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Month: March 2016

Arrrgh! Happy Manatee Appreciation Day!

Manatee Appreciate Day happens every year, the last Wednesday of March. “Manatee Appreciation Day is devoted to raising awareness about these quirky creatures. Unfortunately, manatees are endangered. Although hunting manatees is usually illegal, they continue to be poached for their meat and hide. Also, manatees are often fatally injured in collisions with boats. It is important to increase manatee awareness so that these fascinating animals will continue to exist in the future.” Pirate Manatee Amigurumi by...

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New Knitting Comedy from Canada: "The Knitterati" – Watch the Pilot Episode

The Knitterati is a Canadian comedy short about knitting AND the knitting shop it takes place in, The Purple Purl, is right around the corner from my sister-in-law’s house in Toronto. “Hipster darlings of the knitting community, Mary Crochet & Gerry DiLana struggle to keep their store afloat amidst a string of bad luck. It’s the least they can do to keep themselves and their loyal customers happy. But their lives are unraveling too quickly to keep it all together.” :: :: Baa baa baaack up, sheep! Credits: Written & Created by Sandra Battaglini & Phil Luzi. Cast:...

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"Silver Tongued" by Sally Hewett

Sally Hewitt loves bodies and her work shows it. Her practice “centres around ideas of beauty and ugliness and the conventions which determine our definition of each.” Take some time to explore her online galleries. She has some gorgeous and challenging work around breast implants, surgery, vitiligo and much more. Depending on where you work, some of her art may be NSFW. Here is a piece from 2014, “Silver Tounged”: Sally Hewett: Hat tip:...

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Review: Organize a Yarn Stash for Less Than $30

I have so much yarn, it’s kind of silly. I have so much yarn that I have an active stash and a stashed stash – the active stash is one that I keep easily accessible for current projects on the go or ones I have planned for the coming weeks, and the stashed stash is the one that lives in the bowels of my craft closet. One thing I know about myself is that my house has to be clean and organized before I can feel comfortable enough to get crafty. This annoying little quirk goes one of two...

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Rocking Chair Uses Kinetic Energy to Knit Hats

Are you one of those people who has trouble doing nothing? I always have to be doing something – reading, knitting, crocheting, taking pictures – something! Lausanne Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex have something that may have the power slow me down, it’s the “Rocking Knit Chair”: ECAL Low-Tech Factory/Rocking-Knit from ECAL on Vimeo. Read more about this quirky invention at...

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New Book! “Knits & Pieces: A Knitting Miscellany”

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