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  1. Christine

    It’s a cute idea. But why didn’t all that time and yarn go into blankets for the homeless of Austin? I think that they need warming up more than the trees.

  2. knithack

    You could use that argument against any art project – why didn’t all that time and [blank resource] go into [blank charitable cause]?

    There are projects to help the homeless and there are art projects. They can co-exist, one does not need to cancel out the other, it doesn’t have to be either/or (although that is a great Elliott Smith album) … and there are homeless people who can appreciate art too.

    The knitcamBRIDGE project from last year made sure to re-purpose their wool / yarn into blankets to give away post-installation. I’m not sure about Knitted Wonderland and what they plan to do – perhaps someone could weigh in?

  3. Denise

    I think your response is right on Magda.
    Since the dawn of time “man” has searched for inspiration– & materials that allow expression & outlet of creativity– it is who & what we are–

    –We are also compassionate & thoughtful: so I DO love when we can “do good” .
    … It’s the medium that gets knitters/crocheters in trouble, they are sometimes pulled back by the “original intent” (warmth, utility) of the art form & it can be hard to escape the elasticity of that. —- I don’t remember the last time I broke out into an unsurpressable BIG WIDE GRIN while viewing a blanket… –with Yarn Bombings such as this one however they can’t be helped. They remind us to be open to surprise, to the muse, to not taking life so seriously— to TOUCH.
    That alone IS a victory.
    — That said, we live in a world today that is in dire need of creativity, compassion & problem solving, of too many “have nots”— so we see now opportunities to get political, & to vote with the smallest of our actions (be it buying food locally or using re-claimed yarn to knit our sweaters with) –and create a better world through these choices.
    — I love your art- the way it surprises me & puts my world view on it’s head just a bit — and adds softness & humanity & joy to our world- a world that desperately needs these things.
    — the fact that you have in the past repurposed your disassembled projects and helped those less fortunate, hits you out of the ball park for me. It’s not essential, nor expected but it’s compassionate & in tune w/ what our world needs. & I respect & admire the artist that cam do that. — giving us both food for our souls, and then warmth for our bodies. Beautiful.

  4. Rachelle

    I doubt that they would be able to reuse the yarn for anything. Almost a month wrapped around a tree out in the elements? Mildew, mold, bugs, and bird droppings. Too bad all that yarn couldn’t be used for something that lasts longer.

  5. Keltie

    I think that politics aside.. it is beautiful!! I would love to see something like this!!! If nothing else, it would sure make me smile!!!

    • knithack

      No, we’re not related… they definitely did copy the post, photo for photo, word for word. At least they credited me (and you too). Thanks for noticing and letting me know.

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