Need a Quick Gift? This Herb Set is the Perfect Combo of Store Bought and Handmade

Need a Quick Gift? This Herb Set is the Perfect Combo of Store Bought and Handmade

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Everyone has a friend who’s super-hard to buy for … I bet you’re thinking of one right now! Well, I have come up with fail-safe gift solution – the perfect present that combines handmade, store bought, yarn, nature and food. Whether your friend is a foodie who loves to cook or a crafty type who appreciates handmade, this has you covered.

Presenting the Homemade Herb Kit, curated and handmade by you (okay – mostly you, a little me too)!


  • a potted herb plant (I picked up my thyme plant at a local grocery store – other popular herbs include basil, rosemary and mint)
  • a pot or box you can drill holes into — I love my Dremel drills for this type of delicate work
  • some yarn (I used the softest baby alpaca ever, from AlexCreates)
  • a nifty pair of budget-friendly herb-slicing scissors by Chefast (use my coupon code to save 15%: CHEFAS15)


1) Buy an herb plant (or if you have time, grow your own). I bought my thyme plant from a local grocer in Brooklyn – these are readily available in most places.


2) Source a vessel to place your potted herb plant into, something you can drill holes into if you want to do what I did OR skip the drilling and knit or crochet a band to wrap around the vessel – something cabled would look great.

I chose a rustic wooden box I had lying around, decorated with a little paint and leftover from a recently deceased succulent:


As you can see above, using a Dremel drill, I drilled eight holes (a diamond and a square) to create the simple pattern below:


After threading the yarn through the holes, you now have the main bones for your gift. Now it’s time to organize the accessories, like the plant and the Chefast Herb Scissors Set.


Here’s what it looks like when you start to put it all together – awesome gift, right?


The Chefast Herb Scissors Set makes a unique component to this gift and it comes with a few really cool add-ons such as a limited lifetime guarantee and an eBook, “Natural Herbs 101,” which teaches you how to plant, grow and cook with herbs.


It also comes with two jute drawstring bags which you can use for drying and storing herbs. Based on my research, no other herb scissors on Amazon come with such useful add-ons, and this is definitely a big advantage the Chefast Herb Scissors Set has.


The scissors themselves are very sharp and they mince herbs extremely well. It’s a great time-saver when you want a pinch of fresh herbs for that stir-fry or spaghetti sauce. They come with a cover which doubles as a cleaning tool and a sheath to protect the blades when not in use.


BONUS: Did I mention they’re also great for crafting? Need to make fringes, these scissors totally have you covered!


I really love this gift idea because it’s unique and it will impress the person you gift it to. Let’s face it, we all need to eat and fresh herbs make that process 100% better. The great news is that the Chefast Herb Scissors Set set is currently offered at a special discounted price and by using my coupon code: CHEFAS15 you can save additional 15% and get this set at an unbeatable price.

You can simply grab a Chefast Herb Scissors Set from Amazon by clicking here.

Happy gift-giving!

* I received a Chefast Herb Scissors Set at a discounted price for the purpose of an unbiased review. This post contains affiliate links.


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