Oversized Knit Neoprene Clutch – Looks Like Rubber!

Oversized Knit Neoprene Clutch – Looks Like Rubber!

First spotted in 2011, this gorgeous purse never goes out of style!

Street style sighting via Fashionist.

Shop: Neò

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  1. this purse is gorgeous!I leave in South Africa and would love to knit one any help to what type of rubber cord is used?Thank you very much
    Regards Marina

  2. Can someone tell me how this clutch was made.
    I tried to knit with rubber cord (solid cord!) but it’s hard to accomplish!

    Is ther any manual to get.

    Hope to hear from you.


    • Hi Peter, please let me know if you solve the mystery!

    • Till today no reply:(

      • Ok, let me see what I can find out too – I am curious as well.

  3. How do i. Buy this clutch online.

    • This post is over five years old now … I believe it was part of a collection at the time but I can’t be sure. Good luck and if you find anything, let us know!


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