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Month: January 2017

Knit Knickers! 7 Examples of Wearable Knit & Crochet Underwear

Love the knit underwear trend but don’t have hundreds of dollars for designer undies? Here are some options you can make yourself, which, in my humble opinion, are très sophistiqué and more practical than most haute couture selections anyway. :: “Pretty Little Knickers” Lace Lingerie Set by Lauren Riker :: :: “Assets of Evo” (aka boy shorts) by Marnie MacLean :: :: “Gryffindor inspired Crochet Jockstrap” by The Crochet EmpireBONUS: The Bear Pride version is a-a-a-mazing! :: :: Fixation Boy Shorts by Amanda Lilley :: :: Crochet Bikini Panties by Roboty Reczne :: :: Kitty Panties by Knitty Kitty...

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Knitted Muscle Suits of the Future Could Aid in Mobility … and Maybe Help Us Knit Faster Too!

Smart fabric that can control movement … this could help a whole lot of people, wow! Imagine someone with a degenerative muscle disease, this could give them external strength and return lost mobility! The possibilities are endless, even outside of medical uses – think sports … thinking knitting, maybe this could help us knit faster!! The material is a “coated cellulose (an organic compound found in plant cell walls that makes up everything from plastic to cotton fibers) ‘yarn’ with a special polymer called polypyrrole that shifts and stretches in response to electricity.” Source: Knitted muscle could power the...

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New Book! “Knits & Pieces: A Knitting Miscellany”

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