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Month: June 2017

It's Tau Day – So, What the Heck's That and What Happened to Pi?

I’m not a mathematician, but here’s what I learned, “Tau Day is an annual celebration of the circle constant τ = 6.283185, which takes place every June 28 (6/28 in the American calendar system).” You may be wondering what happened to pi … some people don’t believe in pi! To mark the day, Naomi Parkhurst of String Geekery encoded 628 as charts for lace knitting, knitted cables, and a grid for use in any craft! Here’s the...

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Kinder Surprise Eggs Are Still Illegal In the USA, So Are These Adorable Amigurumi Considered Contraband?

UPDATE June 27, 2017! The Kinder Surprise as I know and love is still banned here in the USA. Ferraro, the company who manufactures them, is releasing an “American-proof” version – a pink one for girls and a blue one for boys (ugh, really?). The new product, Kinder Joy, is an egg where one half is all candy, and the other half is all toy. Read about it here. So sorry, all these years later you still have to source your contraband for the crochet project below from somewhere outside the USA! *** The universe really wants me to...

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Max Alexander's Knitted Madagascan Sunset Moth

Max Alexander of Max’s World continues to blow my mind with these amazingly detailed moths. Her attention to detail is worth noting. This here is a knitted representation of the chrysiridia rhipheus aka Madagascan Sunset Moth. In real life it is very colourful, yes, but interestingly the iridescent parts of the wings do not have pigment. The colors actually originate from optical interference! Here are all the moths she has knitted so...

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These Elephants … So Cute … I Can't … You Won't Be Able to Crochet Just One …

How long has it been since you’ve seen such uncaged cuteness? And wait, what? There’s a pattern? But there’s a catch … These lovely elephants were made by Simply Jo Leen, visit her on Instagram for a daily dose of crochet goodness. For the pattern, visit Emelie who has made it freely available in Swedish and Danish. I put the link through Google’s translator to see if it would translate to English and it did ok … well enough to figure out I suspect! You can follow Emelie on Instagram too....

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Special Skin 2 Skin Offer For KnitHacker Readers!

Recently I was introduced to Skin 2 Skin, a plant-based skin care line and winner of Vegan Health & Fitness magazine’s “Best Vegan Beauty Product” award. Skin 2 Skin products are designed to be anti-aging and pH balanced, delivering over 200 essential nutritional elements the skin requires to appear healthy and youthful such as anti-oxidants, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes. I’ve been using them for a week and I’m happy with the results. Overall I really like the gentle and fresh fragrance of all of the products, how they make my skin look and feel, and in particular,...

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New Book! “Knits & Pieces: A Knitting Miscellany”

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