Review: Neat Parents Reversible Car Seat Protector

Review: Neat Parents Reversible Car Seat Protector

I love my car and want to keep it clean. Before I bought this car, I searched tirelessly to find cheap used cars that I liked and I finally came across this one. Then going through insurance similar to Mexican Insurance Store to get the car road legal finally. I have an eight year old who loves his carbs – muffins, bagels, cookies – if it’s baked he’s eating it, especially when we’re on the road, which is often. Even though he’s a fairly clean little guy, he still makes crumbs and as the days and weeks go by, it can make a heck of a sticky mess in the car. I’m constantly buying new car accessories to keep my car clean but this can get pretty expensive. I’ve recently started using auto accessory coupons and it’s saved me so much money!

When I was invited to review a Neat Parents Reversible Car Seat Protector, I was excited to have a quick and easy solution that would keep the car tidy and save on cleaning time too.

Neat Parents Reversible Car Seat Protector

Crafted with durable, padded fabric, the seat cover works to absorb spills before they fall between the cracks. Not only does this product keep the backseat clean, it also keeps the seat from sliding around which prevents damage – no rubbing or cracking.

Neat Parents Reversible Car Seat Protector

It should also be noted that it’s super-easy to install – you’ll be all set in five minutes or less!

Neat Parents Reversible Car Seat Protector

Here are the product specs:

  • Enhanced Padded Seat Protector
  • Compatible with Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUVs
  • Adjustable Straps to Prevent Shifting
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Two (2) Front Mesh Storage Pockets
  • Reversible Sides: Light Grey or Black
  • Fits Dining Chairs to Protect Against Booster Seats

Neat Parents Reversible Car Seat Protector


The Neat Parents Reversible Car Seat Protector comes with two complimentary window-mounted sunshades to keep your child cool and comfortable.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to prevent messes and damage from car seat use, the Neat Parents Reversible Car Seat Protector is a great quality, low-risk option – give it a try!

* Please note, I received a Neat Parents Reversible Car Seat Protector for the purpose of providing an honest and unbiased review. This post contains affiliate links and sponsored content.


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