Anne Eunson Loves Lace So She Knit Herself a Garden Fence and It Looks Gorgeous

Anne Eunson Loves Lace So She Knit Herself a Garden Fence and It Looks Gorgeous

A resident of Hamnavoe, in Shetland, Anne Eunson decided to knit herself a beautiful lace fence using twine.

Anne Eunson Loves Lace So She Knit Herself a Garden Fence and It Looks Gorgeous

Anne Eunson Loves Lace So She Knit Herself a Garden Fence and It Looks Gorgeous

According to Kate Davies (who took the lovely photos above), the “fence is fashioned from strong black twine (the same kind that is used to make fishing nets) and Anne knitted it up on specially adapted curtain poles. It took her about three weeks to knit enough lace to surround her front garden, using a 23 stitch repeat of a familiar Shetland lace pattern.”

Fabulous work by Anne Eunson, I’m in love!


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    Hi, have you asked Anne for permission to reproduce these photos I took of her fence?

  2. Danielle

    Hi Kate, thanks for your comment. How would you like to be credited? I have links leading to your piece and your name is in the piece as well. Thanks so much, the response has been marvelous, so many knitters are delighted with Anne’s beautiful work and your lovely photos make it all the more enjoyable. Kind regards, Danielle

    • Avatar

      you might consider saying “Kate Davies, the photographer, …” in the reference to her – one has to click on the hyperlink to realize she’s a photographer – I warrant not everyone will do that. I had not, and probably would not have, until I read her comment.

  3. Avatar

    I am thoroughly I’m. This lady is talented and focused. What state deals she live in?

    • Danielle

      Hi Sallie, I believe that she’s overseas, in Scotland!

  4. Avatar

    Such a creative solution. Brilliant and beautiful! <3

  5. Avatar

    Watched an article on TV on the Shekand Islands the other day. Lady being interviewed was knitting as fast as she was talking. Was awesome to watch.

  6. Avatar

    This so beautiful and inspiring. I would love to go sit in this garden and knit!

  7. Avatar

    Beautiful! I love the pattern!

  8. Avatar

    This is just beautiful! If I could only come and see it! I have been knitting for years! Mostly mittens first and than sweaters, think I have made about 115 for grandkids, friends and people I have never met! Also do needlepoint and counted cross stitution, so nice to be friends with the same interest! I’m from Michigan,

  9. Avatar

    Wowww… It looks amazing…. Is there any source from where I can learn to do this? I’m new to knitting…
    Also, what kind of needles do we use for this kind of knitting?

  10. Avatar

    This is amazing! Would she be willing to share the pattern?


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