Five Activities To Engage Your Kids Effectively During Lockdown

Five Activities To Engage Your Kids Effectively During Lockdown

“Engaging your kids effectively is more important than spending money on them.”

Mostly, parents give themselves the edge of spending money on children and think that it can alternate their presence in the lives of their kids; this pandemic situation is a blessing in disguise for those parents to rectify their mix-up. I don’t remember in life ever I got the happy chance to spend my long days with my parents who had left all their pursuits aside and I am spending time with no worries with them. But time has given you the fortuity to get most out of this pandemic staying home and staying safe. Your little attentive moments turn out to be cherishing memories for your kids.

Educational institutes are closed and little souls are compelled to release the hyper energies living indoors. And if they complain of all-out boredom, don’t avoid providing them an out-let for creativity. To keep them from sluggish stress, stretch their minds to the positive activities that result in personality building.

Plan into their routines that are educational along with fun. Different forms of art can be helpful in taking up as a hobby. Reading, playing with toys, watching TV, cooking and baking for older ones are common traits and are easy to adopt. At the same time these are mundane and fail to hook them up for long. We are suggesting five activities to enjoy with your kids and flaunt their memories with your affection plus attention.

5 Activities to Engage Your Kids During Lockdown

1. Diamond Painting Art:

Art is regarded as an outlet of the creativity that emerges within self. Diamond painting is another form of art that helps in developing motor skills and gives a spark to hidden artists. Diamond painting kits are designed specifically providing a fantastic activity for the kids and offer parents to join them in this creativity.

These kits not only provide an outlet to show off, it also leaves deep impacts on personality building. It enhances the focus, kids learn to work with patience and calmness, and it helps in boosting their confidence and gives an immense feeling of accomplishment.

Diamond painting kits come in a huge variety of themes, allowing you to choose according to the age group and interest area of your child. These canvases include an instructional manual that parents can read and help in comprehending the kids how they are going to work on it. Parents can spend a good time helping kids in making the painting using an extra tool pen and giving their child the satisfactory time to attain happiness and positive use of time.

2. Yoga— A Key to Fitness

In the restless time, when innate energies perk the kids not to stay calm, indulging them in physical activities to keep them fit would be the best bet for parents. We recommend you to practice yoga and engage your kids with you in participating in this exercise. Yoga can be modified according to the age group, what goals you want to achieve, and which abilities you want to avail.

The reason behind our recommendation of yoga is the dual functionality of the activity. It not only involves the body but also strengthens the mind and overall well being. Parents can join their kids in breathing techniques and yoga poses.

Teaching your kids the mantra of healthy body and brain will show categorical consequences of strong memory, physical fitness, balanced personality, insight and social stability.

Teach your kids self-defense using the time of pandemic. So when your kid moves to the outer world, he would have the courage to look into the eyes of fear using these life-skills and proceed with confidence in their personality. Sense of being protected weakens numerous dreadful thoughts that hinder the way of success.

3. Arrange Paint by Number Kits for Kids

Education helps in succeeding a prosperous life and art helps in polishing the aesthetics of nature. Both have no comparatively but both work on developing the personality. When kids are trying to link up the former factor, help them withstanding the later one. Persuade them to lose themselves in colors and coddle with beauty and smoothness of emerging masterpieces.

Paint by number kits endorse creativity to spring out of the personality. Kids are always yearning to stroke freely on walls or table tops or anything they feel like painting on. Paint by number kits direct their instinct to pour out properly. These canvases are an up-dated version of dotted books that kids used to trace and then fill colors in the obtained picture. PBN canvases are a next level help to polish their inner artistic capabilities.

Buy a few paint by number kits, help your kids in organizing the canvas, give them an understanding of the code colors and see them finishing a piece of art of their own. These PBN Kits are made with love; you can use them to manifest your devotion.

4. Arrange Online Activities for Kids

During this Covid-19 lockdown, all the institutions are conducting online classes to cope up with tough situations without endangering the future of the students. To relax the minds of the kids that get stressed while learning virtually where a lot of subjects demand practical demonstrations. Innumerable courses and videos are uploaded on the internet to teach the kids DIY and interesting activities to give a relief to little minds.

We don’t say to leave your kids glued to the screen for long hours and without any check. Rather give your kids some time, search purposeful activities for them and accompany them in these activities whether it is a DIY craft, learning origami, watching interesting documentaries or movies that leave a moral, your presence in their interest add to the fact of their importance in your life that you would not have expressed for a long time.

Another option is to connect your kids with their friends over a video call and arrange any sort of games that they can play collaboratively. It can be a drawing competition, quiz time, try-out games etc.

5. Foster the Love of Nature in your Kids

In this digitally occupied era, guide your kids to interact with nature. It is not necessary to force them to learn difficult facts about rocks, seas or plants but to help them feel the perspective. Children are naturally inclined towards outdoor activities, they want to play in a puddle, run after the birds, put the little pups in their laps, catching the butterflies.

But, Covid-19 laid a hold to this outdoor fun. It is better to fend this dismay off the kids and allow them to be intimate with nature by keeping pets at home, taking care of their feed and providing them a room of comfort. Help them in growing a backyard garden where along with flowers, different veggies are grown and give a supply to the kitchen.

Loving nature softens the heart and gives emotional stability. Working in the garden and seeing the weeds sprouting and growing in the shape of flowers or eatable, develop a sense of responsibility in kids that will benefit in the long run.

Wrapping up

The whole discussion, we can anticipate that our recommendations must direct your intentions to engage your kids effectively and use this quarantine time in a productive way, developing a strong relationship between you and your kids and diminishing the grouchy complaints you may be facing before. Love your kids by staying at home and staying safe.

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