Jo Hamilton Paints The Issues Of The Day Using Crochet and Plarn

Jo Hamilton Paints The Issues Of The Day Using Crochet and Plarn

Scottish fiber artist Jo Hamilton pushes the boundaries of crochet with her subversive work – she makes crochet look like paintings!

Jo Hamilton Paints The Issues Of The Day Using Crochet and Plarn

Hamilton uses her work to comment on the complex issues plaguing society today, focusing especially on the looming climate crisis. “In my concern (and slight obsession) about the plastic pollution climate crisis, I also began upcycling as much of my own household’s plastic waste as possible into ‘plarn’ to use for my work.”

Jo Hamilton Paints The Issues Of The Day Using Crochet and Plarn

Read more about Jo Hamilton and her work via My Modern Net, Artist Reuses Yarn and Discarded Plastics To Create Crocheted Art About the Climate Crisis.

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