Crochet An Empanada Amigurumi – FREE Pattern!

Made and shared by Yan aka pica – pau.

Want to make one? Download this FREE empanada pattern by Deena White!

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  1. HI! I´ve just discovered the other “empanada” by Deena White…it´s not the same pattern, It’s also made with different stitches…and I made my first empanada in January 2010. This post can prove it 🙂 (The interview for CUT Magazine is from May 2010)
    Sorry for the reminder, but I don´t steal patterns 🙂

    • Ok, thanks for letting me know, I will clarify the post. but hey, no one ever suggested you stole a pattern, even if your empanada was from Deena’s pattern, she posted that freely for all to share.

  2. I’m not angry 🙂 I just wanted to clarify that I never would give me credit for a pattern that is not mine,
    Thanks and kisses from Argentina


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