An Instant Home Decor Classic – Cat Paws For Chairs Are Real and You Need To Make Them

An Instant Home Decor Classic – Cat Paws For Chairs Are Real and You Need To Make Them

Hey crocheters! Here’s a crochet version!

These are adorable and would make a unique gift. Contact me here if you’d like me to knit or crochet you a set!

An Instant Home Decor Classic - Cat Paws For Chairs Are Real and You Need To Make Them

Get the pattern via Etsy, designed by Green Briar Creations.

Are you a crocheter? Here’s a pattern for you, via Etsy:

An Instant Home Decor Classic - Cat Paws For Chairs Are Real and You Need To Make Them ...

Get the pattern via Etsy, designed by Cranbrook Crochet.


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  1. Monica

    I got computer gobbledygook when I tried to download onto my iPhone. I registered and all.

  2. Jen

    It’s because you are downloading a .zip file. They have it compressed. You need to be able to unzip the file to get to the .pdf

  3. Linda

    Many people are trying to download this on a mobile device (phone or tablet) and can’t open a .zip file. Is it possible for you to provide the PDF without compressing it? Thanks!

  4. knithack

    That’s an odd format, I can email Let’s Knit, but I am not able to provide a PDF as it’s not my pattern.

  5. Anne Slater

    ** comment removed at publisher’s request **

    PDF of pattern is now available:

    • Judy

      What weight of yarn and needle size please?

  6. Anne Slater

    I just realized that “foll”means FOLLOWING. I don’t know why “they”left off the last 2 letters

  7. Cindy

    Thank you SO much for printing this out! I have had so many problems just trying to log into their website.

    I do have a few questions re your pattern instructions.

    – For rows 24-26 you state that you start out with a p row and then work in stockinette stitch. I do not
    understand what you mean by start out with a p row since row 23 was a knitted row.

    – For row 27, I believe yfwd is the same as the American YO (yarn over)?

    – For Row 30, I believe you end up with 9 sts remaining. I see “nine sts” mixed in with the commentary
    at the end of the pattern, and I am confirming that it is for the end of Row 30.

    Again, thank you so very much! :o)

    • Beth

      If row 23 is a knitted row, then row 24 is a purl row and therefore the isntructions are correct. It’s just a way of verifying that you are in the correct side, and if you have altered the pattern at all by doing more or fewer rows, that you start this section on a purl row.

      yfwd is “yarn forward”, so you bring the yarn to the front as if you’re going to purl.

      Yes, there are 9 stitches left at the end. Row 30 is the last row, so there should be 9 stiches left after row 30.

  8. Ruth hunter

    Can we get this in crochet please thank you in advance

  9. Joanne

    I’m on a laptop and I had no trouble downloading the pattern.

    • Cyndi Simpson

      That’s because it’s phones and tablets that are giving folks trouble, not desktops or laptops. The latter is not a “mobile” device, although it is portable.

  10. Renee Mahoney

    Is there a crochet pattern for these? Please email to
    Thank you so much. These are very cute.

  11. Ashley

    I agree is there a crochet pattern? Would love to make these for family members but I only crochet! Email if possible thanks in advance!


    I have a cat crazy family – I need a crochet pattern PLEASE! email to
    THANK YOU!!!!

  13. Maureen Hoffmann

    Will somebody PLEASE make these for me? Like 8 of them?

  14. Geri

    What weight of yarn is used in this pattern?

  15. Diane Benoit

    I will be the third to ask…what weight of yarn is used please? Needles 3.5mm are small so what yarn do I use?
    thank you

    • Nancy Daley

      Total guess here, but I will be using nothing bigger than fingering weight. For needles that small, you have to. Lace or fingering. If you have a bit of leftover in either or both weights, give a swatch a go and see which works best for you.

      I was confused by the pink since there is no pink in the picture. I figured the white just went to all the way to the underneath. Nope! Pink underneath!

      I might just go ahead and felt dog and cat fur into the bottom. Since that’s going to happen eventually anyway!

  16. Linda

    Two thoughts: a knitting in the round version and a felted (fulled) version.

    • knithack

      Great ideas, will you design them? Keep us posted …

  17. Libby Gallaher

    I looked on to see if anyone had made and was selling
    them. Only one person in England (I’m in the US) and
    the link didn’t work. I’d love a set of 4 also to try them out.
    They are adorable. Let me know if any are available for sale.

    • knithack

      Libby, I’m emailing you …

  18. Karen Pecard

    I also would like to know what weight yarn, and if there is a crochet pattern

  19. Astrid Tryon

    I’m confused with the row count. You start with Row 1-2 in orange and yellow and already change to white in row 3? Shouldn’t this say to work for – I don’t know – 8 cm in orange and yellow?

    • Island gurl

      if you read the next line it says rows 3-18. continue with st st. then change to white. row 19 is where the white starts

      • Astrid Tryon

        Thanks for clarifying, but that’s not what it says. Maybe it should be reworded to what you wrote. It’s confusing.

        • Diane

          I have printed the pattern and it is exactly what it says

          • Astrid Tryon

            This is what my pattern says. Copied and pasted
            “Rows 1-2: (k1, p1) to end Work in foll two-row stripe sequence: Bright Yellow, Radiant Orange
            Rows 3-18: starting with a k row work in st st Change to Striking White
            Rows 19-20: starting with a k row work in st st”
            That makes it sound like 1 and 2 are yellow and orange and in row 3 you start with a K row in white.
            What I think it means and how it should be worded is:
            Row 1: k1, p1, work in two row stripe sequence yellow/orange, repeat for 18 rows
            Row 19: change to white, starting with a k row work in st st
            etc ….
            Makes me wonder how i need to read the rest of the pattern.
            Is yours really worded different? Can you send me the link for that one?
            Thank You

          • Diane

            Row 1-2 so rows one and two
            Row 3-18 so rows three to eighteen
            You have to read it properly

          • Astrid Tryon

            It must be a cultural difficulty. That IS how I am reading it. I am not trying to be sarcastic or harping on anything. I honestly don’t understand it. I AM reading row 3 TO 18: start with a k row in white. That – to me – means in row 3 I am starting the white.
            Unless the pattern explanation is putting the “Row indicator” at the end of the description, in which case there shouldn’t be a colon after “Row 3 to 18”

    • Casey

      Astrid, there should probably be a return after “Rows 3-18: starting with a k row work in st st”
      I think you “Change to Striking White” after Row 18

  20. susan

    any chance of getting the pattern for crochet???

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