Kids & Parents Love Discover Wonders Talking Books

Kids & Parents Love Discover Wonders Talking Books

Spark your child’s life-long passion for learning, take advantage of this one-time initial offering now.

If you’re a parent or grandparent to a child between the ages of 3-10, you’re probably often on the lookout for creative ways to boost their curiosity and critical thinking skills. Meet Discover Wonders Talking Books, a talking book series with a special focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), and a passion for developing a child’s ability to think creatively like an innovator — an essential life-skill! It does this through kid-friendly books that explain everything to them easily through wonderful Children’s book illustrations. It makes the information digestible for small minds and the combination of visual and practical learning makes it easier for them to remember.

Kids & Parents Love Discover Wonders Talking Books


Discover Wonders Talking Books use everyday items such as water, balloons, bicycles, or toothbrushes, as a starting point to help children examine different aspects of our world. Topics fall under the broader umbrellas of science, technology, literature, arts, history, engineering, mathematics, and more. Each specific everyday item is introduced and explained to your child through its history, or by encouraging them to explore it mathematically and scientifically.

Each book has over 50 pages of high quality STEM material. Plus, beautiful illustrations and engaging scenes make these traditionally serious topics much more interesting!

Kids & Parents Love Discover Wonders Talking Books


The Discover Talking Pen has 200 hours of audio capacity for your talking book audio and your own recordings. Every book in the series contains over 300 audio hotspots for the talking pen to respond to – audio responses include age-appropriate sound effects, dialogue, and narration. Cecilia Yiu, Discover Wonder Talking Books founder and a Montessori practitioner herself, developed the system to maximize cognitive development in kids ages 3-10.

Children as young as 3 years old can start finding answers on their own, and older children who can read will find the content interesting and relevant to read with or without the Talking Pen.

Kids & Parents Love Discover Wonders Talking Books

Even on its own, the Talking Pen itself has a lot to offer. Not only is it durable (passed shock, vibration, and drop testing, made to withstand wear and tear from any toddler), you can record your own voice onto special stickers to turn your child’s favorite books into a talking book. Imagine a favorite book narrated by grandma, grandpa or a favorite aunt or uncle … you can do that with this technology – it’s easy!

Kids & Parents Love Discover Wonders Talking Books


Currently Discover Wonders Talking Books are available through Kickstarter only. Support the campaign today for a great one-time only discount on a variety of offerings, and the opportunity to share this wonderful technology with the kids you love.

Kids & Parents Love Discover Wonders Talking Books


If you’d like to learn more about Cecilia and her family, check out this recent Desert News profile … and if you’d like to support the Discover Wonders Talking Books campaign, visit Kickstarter and pledge today … hurry, campaign ends on March 22nd, 2018!

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