7 Reasons Why Joining Dealspotr is a Great Idea!

7 Reasons Why Joining Dealspotr is a Great Idea!

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7 Reasons Why Joining Dealspotr is a Great Idea!

Here’s the scenario: you’re shopping on one of your favorite online shops and you find the absolute perfect top but, here’s the rub, it’s a new arrival and it’s full price. You decide to take matters into your own hands and you search for promo codes. It’s worked in the past, so why wouldn’t it work again, right? Sure, you find tons of codes, but guess what, not one of them works. Roh roh. Over an hour later, exhausted and frustrated, you give up the search, give up buying the top you love, and instead binge-watch season two of Glow over a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Sound familiar?

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way … meet Dealspotr, a top resource for finding working promo codes for any store, any time.

Think of Dealspotr as a social couponing resource – hundreds of shoppers crowdsourcing and sharing promo codes which then get rated by members of the network in real-time. When you find a working code, you share it on your Dealspotr feed for others to find. They can rate the code as working or not, and they can in turn share it with their network. With over 20,000 active members, the system works really well, in fact, Dealspotr has 4x more working promo codes than other similar coupon sites (and fewer expired codes). No more futile searches for promo codes!

The other great thing about Dealspotr is that in addition to building a strong network of boss promo code hunters, it also allows you to follow your favorite brands, there are hundreds and hundreds to follow – even Etsy is here! As an example, here are the brands I’m following:

7 Reasons Why Joining Dealspotr is a Great Idea!

Never miss a deal from your favorite brand again … Own an Etsy shop? Create a coupon for your shop, add the deal on Dealspotr and promote your shop at the same time! It’s a win-win!

You can also build your feed based on following your favorite interests … here are my mine, look, Yarn & Threads, yay!

7 Reasons Why Joining Dealspotr is a Great Idea!

As you share promo codes and engage with various activities throughout the network, you build your personal influence score which lends further credibility to yourself and the overall network.

Need more convincing? Here are 7 reasons to join Dealspotr today:

1) Get access to hundreds of deals daily! Smart crowdsourcing tactics employed by Dealspotr make it possible for the site to add hundreds of new deals, edit existing deals, and remove deals that don’t work – in real-time. It’s a shopper’s dream come true!

2) Never miss deals from your favorite brands. Follow brands on Dealspotr for exclusive promo codes they share on Dealspotr that you can’t find anywhere else.

3) Discover new brands and deals by following your favorite interests – there are a ton of great DIY options on Dealspotr, an essential category that’s often overlooked on other sites. Take charge of your experience and feel free to add, edit, and flag deals & promo codes. Do you own an Etsy shop? Create a promo code and add it to the Dealspotr network to encourage more sales!

4) Create a robust, real-time, personal feed of deals, discussion posts, and status updates tailored to the brands, interests, and influencers that matter to YOU.

5) Save time and frustration! Have confidence that you’re always seeing the deal that’s most likely to work first and that the promo codes you find will actually work on first try.

6) Earn points that can be used towards an Amazon gift card by sharing promo codes and discounts on Dealspotr.

7) Connect with like-minded shoppers, brands and influencers to build a fun shopping and saving community.

Ready to join? When you do, connect with me – my username is @knithacker!

BONUS: For Influencers

Are you an influencer? The Dealspotr Marketplace is a platform designed to connect you to popular and up-and-coming brands, and allow you to collaborate on sponsored content in the most beneficial and hassle-free way. It’s a great platform for influencers to browse sponsored opportunities from brands, easily apply and manage your campaigns, and share exclusive codes with your audience. I use it and I love it. Give it a try!

If you’re an influencer who creates great video content for your followers but you’re looking for a way to develop your YouTube channel and expand your presence on the platform, you may want to use something like Get Fans (getfans.io/pt/comprar-inscritos-no-youtube) in order to give a boost to your figures and rankings and promote organic growth on the site.

Now that you’ve read my whole post, I hope you have a better understanding of Dealspotr and why it’s the best community for finding and sharing deals. Join today, remember to use referral code KNITHACKER!

* This post contains sponsored content.

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