7 Best Knitted Gifts For Loved Ones

7 Best Knitted Gifts For Loved Ones

Knitting gifts are usually the ones you should value the most, why? Simply because they are handmade and someone actually took time and effort to make them. Knitted gifts have been around for a long time already and they have always been a great gift for the people we truly love. Shopping for gifts for men can be a strenuous task, most men love gadgets but it’s trying to remember what they’ve got and what they haven’t got. No one wants a duplicate present. However, if you think that they would love getting something like these 5 senses gifts, then you should make sure that you get just that. If you know what they want, then make sure you get it. Unfortunately, it’s never that easy and it can be hard to make sure that you don’t get them something which they might already have. If you think that shopping for me is hard though, then you probably won’t be surprised to learn that shopping for women is even harder!

If you are wondering what to buy for your new online date and you are worried spending money might not be the wisest idea, knitting might save you the trouble! Many couples who have met online often gift themselves knitting gifts, these are the most simplified way of showing our care and love for someone! Pick your best-knitted gifts and surprise people you care about, they will appreciate it!

  1. Knitted Scarf Just for Him!

It is winter, a good scarf is priceless. Surprise your loved ones with a lovely knitted scarf that only you can make! If you are not really sure how to start, make sure you check out some of the pattern tutorials on Pinterest.

  1. Homespun Boot Socks He Simply Will Not Be Able To Resist!

Men are known for loving to have a good old pair of homemade boot socks, these socks are super warm and there is no way he will ever be complaining of his cold feet again! Surprise him and make him two pairs, just so he can match them with his clothing! If you are on a tight budget and you are not really in a situation to afford to spend hundreds of dollars on some fancy presents, try this out!

  1. A Good Hat Is Always Needed!

You will surely bring an amazing smile to his face once you give him a lovely ‘’Thank you” hat as a gift. Hats are known to be very easy to knit and with so many tutorials out there, you simply cannot go wrong. If you are a fast learner, maybe you catch time to knit one for yourself too!

  1. A Sweater He Never Seen Before

If you want a challenge and you have a lot of free time, try out knitting this slightly more complicated sweater, it is designed for professional knitters, but it might turn out great for you! If you manage to knit this lovely sweater, your man will be impressed for sure, and very thankful! If you are unsure where to find a decent pattern, Pinterest will surely have an answer for you, again!

  1. A Lovely Wine Cover For Your Favorite Wine Lover

Most men like to take a glass of good wine every now and then. If your husband or boyfriend is fond of good wine, you should try knitting him one lovey wine cover. Wine covers surely make things a lot more interesting and they can easily adapt to any other wine bottle shape later on.

  1. Gloves Will Keep His Hands Warm!

Another great accessory that is more than welcome this winter. Surprise your husband or boyfriend with a pair of gloves in his favorite shade of blue, or green! Gloves are not a very complicated knitting project and you will surely quickly understand how to do it!

  1. A Manly Mustache For His Favorite Cup

You just recently met a guy on www.doulike.com and he is a really passionate coffee drinker? Every coffee drinker wants to have a special cup made only for this purpose. Surprise your man with a lovely mustache cup cover, while this is a unisex gift, it will surely make him laugh and he will carry it with himself all the time. Who does not like to keep their hands warm while drinking their favorite coffee?

If your knitting does not turn to be as successful as you thought, give it time, practice and it will get better! Make sure not to give up easily, because knowing how to knit is always a very useful skill you can use in your life. Just imagine all of the things you could knit instead of buying them at a local store!

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