Why Knitting is a Good Hobby for Students

Why Knitting is a Good Hobby for Students

College is a weird phase in your life. During these few years, there’s a lot you go through emotionally, physically, financially, and academically! Literally, every student, at some point in life, picks up hobbies like knitting to escape from chaotic studies. Sadly, most of us don’t know how to stick with a hobby and abandon these activities once they get bored.

When you look at knitting, you’d wonder how one can love something so banal for longer than a few days. However, the laws of knitting can teach you more than you think. Well, let’s unravel some secret and surprising benefits of knitting for students!

Why Knitting is a Good Hobby for Students

1. Stress Relief

College tends to get scared every now and then. Assignments, quizzes, social life, and relaxation. There’s only so much that one can manage time for! Amidst all the mess, you need a calming activity. Knitting is a soothing, relaxing hobby that doesn’t stress your brain or body. You can pick up your needle and yarn anytime you’re feeling too irritated or frustrated. Just sit back, relax, and knit away while pondering over your thoughts!

2. Provides a Distraction

It’s not unusual to have more assignments pending than you can ever complete. We’ve all been there at some point during our academic careers. In such circumstances, allowing your brain to go into overdrive can cause you to have a severe meltdown. What you should do instead, is step back and find ways to manage your tasks before you collapse.

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Once you’ve finished planning your college work with them, you can find some peace in knitting. It’ll help you lighten up your mood and loosen the knots in your overworked mind. Knitting also enables you to escape from worries related to studies, socializing, and finances!

3. You Don’t Waste Your Time or Money

Weekend parties are indeed tempting and seem to be a lot of fun. Most of you probably go to parties every week, and perhaps return with a monstrous headache. While parties can be cathartic, they’re not as healthy as you might want to believe. Too many people, too much drama, too many drunkards, and two wasted days of the week!

As an alternative, hobbies like knitting are a more therapeutic way to treat yourself on weekends. It’s a hobby that you can practice during your free time and steadily excel at. Plus, you don’t need to waste your savings every week on the supplies, either. It’s a skill that keeps you from spending your energy on meaningless hangouts.

Why Knitting is a Good Hobby for Students

4. Hand-Eye Coordination

As you get better at knitting, you can create intricate patterns and designs. It’s similar to creating and modifying algorithms and codes. The intricacy of knitting patterns is very useful when it comes to your practical work at college. Whether you’re studying medicine, science, or arts, knitting generously helps you improve your hand-eye coordination.

You learn to focus on the most minute details with clarity and also weave your way around practical challenges. Holding the needles, making loops, and working on the bigger design is a great knitting practice for students.

5. Helps You Focus Better

Regardless of how healthy your regular routine is, you may have some complaints about having a short attention span. With the rushed schedule we lead, it’s hard to focus on anything for longer than a few minutes. This makes it difficult to concentrate on even essential tasks, and we keep them pending till the eleventh hour.

Teaching your brain to knit also helps in improving your focusing abilities and increases your attention span. You have to rid your mind of all preoccupations and solely focus on knitting the pattern you want. This way, you can go on working for hours without caring about distractions of any sort.

6. Lessens Screen Time

Instead of picking up your phone whenever you’re free, the knitting hobby is a healthier way to kill time. Scrolling through your news feed reduces your attention span and even deteriorates your mental health. On the other hand, knitting improves creativity, focus, and enriches positive vibes. It’s also less harsh for your eyes than the blinking screen!


Knitting is one of the least expensive and most rewarding skills. Everyone can learn it, enjoy it and even earn from it. Overall, this is a very healthy and beneficial hobby for students and provides relief from their stressful academic dilemmas.

* This is a sponsored post. Photos courtesy of rocknwool and Les Triconautes.

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