Easy to Make Crochet Throw Pillows For Fall

Easy to Make Crochet Throw Pillows For Fall

The sun’s been shining and people have been getting outside, but as the school year starts the weather will turn and give us more and more reason to stay inside. This year, staying inside might be the only thing we get to do for weeks at a time, so it’s important to make sure you are comfortable. And once it comes to a Netflix marathon, you’ll need ALL the pillows on your bed.

But autumn has the potential to inspire us with some great home DIY arts and crafts, so why stop at regular pillows. What about fun crochet pillows. Learning to crochet is quite simple, and most people master the basics quickly. Once you understand the concept, following patterns quickly becomes a habit, allowing you to affordable express your creativity on all sorts of things at home — including pillowcases.

Now that your motivated, it’s time to get inspired by these fall and foliage-filled designs.

Hello Pumpkin

Using a simple set of fall colors, this easy cover can be fully crocheted or made with a burlap backing. The design features a center pumpkin with two background gourds and the fun "hello pumpkin" lettering across the front. Gather up your skeins of Alabaster or Ivory, Kombucha orange, Avocado green, and Mineral yellow. While the pattern may look a little complex, you’ll find the stitch style remains simple and the work lies mostly in the counting. Get the full pumpkin pillow guide now.

Cascades Pillow

This pillow design features a cascading color effect. Contrast an off-white with your favorite color-mix yard for a thick and chunky weave. The pattern creator uses a thick and chunky yarn in size 6 yarn in a neutral color and also highlights of variegated color. While the color pattern is very simple in this design, the stitch style takes on a bit more depth with a combination of simple and waistcoat stitches. Choose your favorite autumnal color highlight to compliment your bolder home looks. Get the full cascade pillow guide now.

Fall Foliage Pillow

Adding to the lineup of pumpkins and changing colors, fall wouldn’t be complete without some gorgeous foliage. This striped design alternates favorite fall colors including Sun Gold, Burnt Pumpkin, Brown, and Cranberry. The medium weight yarn gets added depth by combining single stitches, half doubles, double and slip crochet stitches too. Unlike some patterns, this design isn’t too intensive on yarn use and lends itself well to the creation of a matching blanket. Get the fall foliage pillow guide now.

Crochet Creature Pillow

If you have kids at home (or are a kid at heart) fall is the time to think of creatures near and far to compliment your costumes. These cute little creatures aren’t on the scary side, yet, but a couple of stitches could add some fangs or a snarl to make them more fearsome if you like. A simple design for most beginning crocheters, these pillows are made with a simple stitch, single-color, and a chunky yarn. The most complex part is creating separate ears and sewing them on with eyes and noses. Whether fearsome or friendly, your fall-themed creatures will still be snuggly and soft. Get the crochet creature pillow guide now.

Pumpkin spice season is just around the corner, so it’s time to get your urban home oasis ready for falling leaves and cool nights. Create your own comfort zone by adding fall-themed throw pillows to your bed or your favorite squashy reading chair. These designs provide a simple opportunity to get started, and then you can develop your own inspiration too. Don’t wait, get started at home right now!

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