Easy Money For Students: Top 7 Services For Selling Handmade Products

Easy Money For Students: Top 7 Services For Selling Handmade Products

Do you want to earn easy money while being a full-time student? Well, we all know that students find it very difficult to juggle full-time jobs and studies. However, thanks to the internet, you can earn money with a side job. There are numerous home-based business opportunities available. A handmade business, on the other hand, can be right for you, if you want to use your creativity while working from home with readily available materials.

If you’re a student looking for easy money by selling handmade products, check out this guide to starting an Etsy shop provided by Gelato. It offers valuable insights and tips on how to set up your own successful online shop on Etsy, enabling you to showcase and sell your unique creations to a global audience.

So, if you are one of those people, who are creative and produce different things as a hobby, think of the possibility to start selling your handmade goods. No matter if you are a potter, jeweler, knitter, or even a writer as a hobby – you can always do an online business.

Where To Sell Your Handmade Products: 7 Sites Online Websites

There are various wonderful e-commerce sites to assist you to obtain visibility, whether you’re seeking for venues to sell your handcrafted goods or want to venture out into new markets. So, here are the 7 high-quality services for selling your handmade products:

1. Etsy – Our list of the best websites to sell crafts begins with Etsy, the most well-known platform for selling handcrafted goods. Etsy has a reputation for being the go-to source for handmade things, with inexpensive listing fees. Learn more on how to make money on etsy in this Printify guide.

2. ArtFire – Another well-known independent marketplace with a vibrant community is ArtFire. The website offers both free and premium seller accounts for more experienced vendors that require greater inventory space.

3. Handmade at Amazon – Amazon Handmade is picky about whom they let sell on their platform, but the e-commerce behemoth does have a handmade goods section where artisans can sell their wares.

4. LittleZotz Writing – Well, this isn’t about handcrafted goods, but you can write from home. If you are a writer, this platform gives you the possibility to work as a freelance writer. In case you want to know more about writing sites, Top Writers Review provides you with the top writing sites where you can sell your writing skills.

Easy Money For Students: Top 7 Services For Selling Handmade Products

5. Dawanda – Dawanda is a global network of artists and craftspeople. Sellers can register accounts and construct their product collections to sell. They can also communicate with other merchants by writing comments on forums and groups and participating in discussions.

6. Folksy – This is an online marketplace for selling handcrafted and homemade items established in the United Kingdom. Jewelry, apparel, art, and materials are all available on the website.

7. iCraft – This craft marketplace promotes gift-related categories and collections such as “Gifts for Ladies,” “Birthday Presents,” and other gift-related opportunities. If you want to sell gifts with your crafts and handcrafted goods, iCraft is a terrific place to start.

Final Thoughts

So, to summarize, selling handmade products/services online is a fantastic way to indulge your creative side while also being a full-time student, and there’s no better time than now to get started. As I mentioned before, even if you are a writer, you can sell your services. For example, If you are one of those students who love to write essays and help other students with their assignments, you can always check those free essays examples for inspiration and offer your services here.

And a bonus tip for those who have questions about putting a price on your handmade goods; always value your own time. This may be the most difficult decision to make when it comes to price, but you deserve to be compensated for your time. As a starting point, think about how much you’d pay a person to create your products.

About the author: Melony Hart, editor, and writer. When it comes to content marketing, she has a lot of ambition. Her passion for writing and deep-in research make her unstoppable in the writing world. She loves to provide quality work, and you can always see her reading in her free time.

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