What you Need to Start Knitting

What you Need to Start Knitting

Suggestions for Purchases for the Student and Returning Knitter

Advice for the inexperienced student knitter on what to buy to get started, including suggestions for yarn and needles and a free pattern for a simple scarf.

What you Need to Start Knitting

Knitting is undergoing a resurgence in popularity. People are returning to the craft after many years. However, as content writers from WriteAnyPapers noticed, but they don’t know what to make or what they need to buy, to get started with this rewarding hobby.

There are many resources available to recognizable knitters to brush up on their skills.


There are a variety of needles on offer. Try different types to see which you prefer.

Straight needles – these are the most recognizable of needles and are available in a range of materials.

  • Metal – Many prefer metal needles as the stitches move more freely up and down the needle than some other materials.
  • Bamboo – These are very popular as they are warmer to the touch.

Circular needles – these are strange-looking, as they are effectively two shorter needles joined by a cord. They are available in a range of materials. Circular needles can be used for knitting tubes and for flat knitting (where you turn at the end of a row). Several students prefer them as they can be less cumbersome than long straight needles. However, some people find them a bit “fiddly” and prefer something a little more solid.

Knitting Patterns for the Students

Start with something simple that you can finish relatively quickly. This helps you to feel that lovely sense of achievement that spurs you on to the next project. Ideal patterns for beginning students are scarves or small projects such as washcloths and potholders. Several websites offer free patterns.

However, the simplest scarf pattern is as follows:

  • Cast on 40 stitches.
  • Knit every row until the scarf is as long as you want it to be.
  • Cast off.

Potholders can be worked in the same way.

Choosing your Knitting Yarn

  • Avoid novelty yarns, such as fun fur as it is nearly impossible to see your stitches in them. Get confident with smoother yarns first. (Although, once you’re confident, the scarf pattern above is great with novelty yarns).
  • Don’t go for very fine yarns for early projects. As essaywritingservice states: students and returning knitters are not particularly fast and fine yarn on fine needles will take a long time to make anything. Start with at least double knitting or Aran weight yarns (worsted weight in the US).
  • Budget can be an important consideration when choosing yarn. Many knitters dislike acrylic as it tends to feel harder than natural fibers. However, there are some very good acrylics around and they are generally less expensive.
  • Cotton is a good choice for the potholders and washcloths suggested above and shows stitch definition, allowing you to see how even your work is.

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is go into your local yarn shop and see what’s on offer. Don’t be afraid to give the yarn a good squeeze to assess the feel of it. Remember, it’s going to be running through your fingers as you knit.

When you’ve chosen a yarn that you like, have a look at the ball band. It should give you a recommended needle size to use with the yarn. Get yourself a pair of needles for that size and you’re away.

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