Debunking the Myth: 6 Reasons for Students to Take Up Knitting

Debunking the Myth: 6 Reasons for Students to Take Up Knitting

Debunking the Myth: 6 Reasons for Students to Take Up Knitting

Life is about moving forward, growing as a person, becoming a bright and strong individual. On this path, we often face both moments of happiness as well as various struggles. We can doubt what is right and what is wrong. People want to find their craft and not waste time doing useless activities. But the thing is, we have to enjoy the present, rather than fear about the future.

Taking up a hobby is one of the best ways to make sense of the world. It can be a starting point to realizing what you love to do and are passionate about. Besides, it’s the best way to relieve stress as a student’s life is all about doing homework, obtaining information, which is really exhausting. But education takes all our time so we can’t dedicate even our spare time to things we love to do as we are given a huge amount of tasks to do.

Some students point out that they find it difficult to write essays. As a result, lack of motivation and creativity leads to unpleasant consequences. That’s why there are various online services which can help you out. One of the cheapest and the best ones is, with the help of which we can make time for ourselves and chill out. Whether you need time for a hobby or to do other assignments, do take it.

The Importance of Having a Hobby

Taking up a hobby barely has any cons as it plays a vital role in each field of our lives. Thanks to such activity we are provided with the opportunity to experience the most wonderful and exciting emotions. It can bring us to life again, especially taking into account the harsh time we live in. Here are some of the reasons why you should take up a new hobby:

  • It reduces stress and helps to get rid of daily routines.
  • Some activities can improve your physical condition and boost your brainpower.
  • You expand the worldview and discover new things.
  • It’s a chance to find soulmates and even the love of your life.
  • You gain key skills which can be useful in the future job.
  • It’s the best way to spend time and enjoy your life to its fullest.

Unexpected Advantages of Knitting

There are plenty of known activities you can do, such as making music, going to the gym, painting, cycling. But for some reason, only a few think about knitting. This article is devoted to reasons why students should think about taking up this hobby and stop underestimating it.

Improving Mental Health

We all know how stressful studying is. The reasons can be neverending assignments, deadlines, exams, doubts about the decision on the subject and career. All these intrusive thoughts have a negative impact on productivity.

To assure yourself of the effect of knitting on our mental health, look at Dr. Barry Jacobs’ research, who is the Vice President of the Greater Springfield Independent Physicians Association. The main goal of this scientist was to observe animals’ behavior and habits. He found performing the same motions repetitively triggered the release of serotonin in animals.

Serotonin is known to be the neurotransmitter that can effectively reduce stress and serve as a therapeutic element. Hence, people who are doing repetitive and rhythmic motions like knitting can calm down easily thanks to the release of serotonin.

When knitting, people fully concentrate their attention on this activity and escape from any negativity that might surround them. Thus, this inexpensive way of spending time can serve as a way to self-manage rising and intrusive thoughts. In some cases, it might be a kind of meditation that helps to distract yourself from panic attacks, anxiety, and even depression.

Developing Brain Activity

Knitting is an activity that stimulates and sets in motion the entire brain and its components. You have to retain memory as the main aim of each creative hobby is to visualize your ideas and implement them into reality. Hence, you improve brain activity responsible for storing information along with the ideas you come up with.

In the process of knitting, you have to elaborate on each step of creating a final product. You need to keep in mind what colors you want to use, what is the next knot, the number of rows you want to use. All these aspects will help to slow down, focus and make your brain processes work faster. When repeating every move you also train muscle memory so with time you will knit automatically without putting any conscious attention on it.

It’s Affordable and Simple

You might not know, but actually, knitting doesn’t require expensive equipment. There’s no need to buy yarn of the highest quality, or needles made of the best steel. You can go to the local store or online shops and buy all the stuff you need at an affordable price.

In addition, knitting is very simple, and even children under 5 can learn how to do it. If you want to try this hobby, you can watch different videos, take online courses. It’s also a good way to prevent arthritis and tendinitis for elderly people. Due to repetitive moves your fingers build up their cartilage and strengthen it.

Debunking the Myth: 6 Reasons for Students to Take Up Knitting

Building Social Interaction

When taking up this hobby, you can expand your social circle by joining forums and groups. Thus, you join a new world full of people with different tastes and opinions. You will discover cultural diversity and get to know various foreign cultures and traditions. Besides, you can break the language barrier while chatting with native speakers or even learn a new language. It’s also a chance to find soulmates and meet new friends.

Starting a Business

For sure, hobbies are supposed to bring us joy and refresh us. In addition, they help us to spend time with benefits and pleasure. But sometimes they can grow into something big and large-scale.

Some people can use this hobby as a way to become an entrepreneur. Knitting can turn from a hobby you start out of boredom into a lucrative start-up. If you want to work from home and don’t want to sell yourself on the job market it’s a way out. You kill two birds with one stone by turning the activity you love to do into a booming business.

In order to translate your dream into reality, you need to make an attractive business plan from a well-detailed template. You should take into account all the costs, taxes, and funding you need to get the idea started. Besides, you have to identify the target market, create your brand image, logo, and think about the advertising campaign. To avoid losses, you have to work it all through and weigh all the pros and cons.

Saving Money

Along with all advantages above, this hobby provides you with the possibility to save money by creating clothes on your own. Thus you can choose whatever color or yearn you want to use. You are free in choices and can use your creativity to its maximum. By the way, you will also improve your imagination as there will be no restrictions and borders in creating specific clothes. One more benefit is that you will be able to repair old clothes or to give them a second chance by remaking them into something modern.

Summing Up

We hope this article was useful for you and you will have a look at knitting from another perspective. Don’t hesitate to take up a new hobby and let some fresh and bright emotions come into your life.

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