8 Tips to Outshine Your Competition and Land That Perfect Job

8 Tips to Outshine Your Competition and Land That Perfect Job

The story of the job search never gets old: thousands of job seekers are out there right now, looking for opportunities and studying their competitors’ techniques and skills.

8 Tips to Outshine Your Competition and Land That Perfect Job

Anyone can work for anyone in the world on the global job market. It takes only a few hours for an attractive job ad that pops up on the online freelancing platform to be ‘eaten’ by hungry applicants. Yet, with patience and dedication, one can become an outstanding specialist in their domain, with returning customers and, of course, high rates. Check the tips below on how to accomplish it.

#1: Not a Step Forward Without a Perfect Resume

Resumes and cover letters define a recruiter’s first impression, so make sure to write a cover letter and a resume that presents you in the best light possible. Hence, sending a professional bot-beating pack of CVs and cover letters are necessary.

You have to trick the recruiter into believing that a professional San Diego resume writer wrote a resume for you. For real, you might just order it on a career support website instead of writing it yourself.

#2: Send Follow-Up Letters (Or Make Calls)

It is important to observe moderation when considering the exact time when giving a follow-up call or sending an email is appropriate. A week is generally considered a healthy delay between application and follow-up activities. You certainly would like to express your interest in a given position and imply that any feedback or an interview invitation would be most appreciated.

#3: Be Proactive

A follow up-letter, or call, is one example of proactivity. To succeed in the job search and outcompete the other candidates, be proactive in every aspect.

For instance, don’t just sit back and wait for job openings to come to you. Research the companies you’re interested in working for, contact hiring managers, ask around, and apply for jobs that interest you the most.

#4: Grow Professional Networking

One of the most effective ways to stand out in the job market is to network with people in your industry. Attend industry events, join professional associations, and connect with people on LinkedIn. This can help you learn about job openings before they’re posted and get a referral.

Cooperating with a senior professional as your mentor is a fast way to acquire hands-on experience and possibly get one’s first-ever paid job in the niche.

#5: Gain Relevant Experience

This tip might seem too obvious to emphasize, but it is essential for those transitioning to a new career or looking for their first job. Remember that internships, freelance work, volunteering, school and college attainments, and even hobbies – all count as experience if they relate to your future occupation.

Ensure that everything you dedicate much of your time to is related to the desired profession.

#6: Demonstrate Your Skills

When a hard skill is mentioned on a resume, prepare to answer the interview questions relating to your Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Also, in addition to highlighting your skills on your resume, be ready to demonstrate them during the hiring process. Remember that a senior professional might give you a quick task during a technical interview, so think about what these tasks could be.

#7: Look for positive motivation

The job search itself is a complex and stressful activity that might cause something resembling burnout when you move on without tangible results for months.

8 Tips to Outshine Your Competition and Land That Perfect Job

Unconditional persistence plays a huge role here, but it is also essential to accompany the effort with proper motivation.

  • Focus on the benefits. Think how the new job will fulfill your sense of purpose, give you access to advanced tools and insider knowledge, etc.;
  • Set achievable milestones and celebrate them. For example, set a goal of sending X applications per week;
  • Recall your personal hero. For instance, a colleague who used to work (or still works) in the same domain, their lifestyle, hardships, and accomplishments;
  • Last but not least, cultivate a positive mindset. Perhaps you ignore some substantial achievements and overall progress in job search and professional development, being naturally more inclined to ruminate on failures. If this is the case, refine your skills and build confidence.

#8: Be adaptable

The job market is constantly changing, so adaptability and flexibility are essential. Be willing to take on new challenges, learn new skills, and be open to feedback and constructive criticism.

The openness to change will allow you to overcome the fear of losing an average job for the chance of getting a great one. It will also make it easier to switch careers completely when the time is right.

Final Thoughts

Job seekers may feel overwhelmed or unsure how to go the extra mile in their job search. Resources such as career coaching, resume, cover letter reviews, or networking opportunities can help job seekers gain confidence and take action.

Finding one’s way out of any trouble related to the job search is possible, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help, either! Without further ado, let resume builder zety help you nail that job you’ve dreamed of for years!


How can I gain confidence during my job search?

You gain confidence during your job search by upgrading your hard skills and working on your soft skills. Join webinars and courses, or ask for professional help.

How can a professionally-written resume help me stand out?

A professionally-written resume is free of errors, follows a proper format, and highlights your most effective skills; therefore, it is tailored for the job you’re applying for.

How can Skillhub help me stand out as an applicant?

Skillhub can help you stand out as an applicant by writing an ATS-beating personalized resume, CV, and cover letter or building a LinkedIn profile.


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