Neural Knitworks: Knitted and Crocheted Dendrites, Axons & Ganglia

Neural Knitworks: Knitted and Crocheted Dendrites, Axons & Ganglia

Want to contribute to a collaborative art/science project about mind and brain health? Neural Knitworks is a collaborative project about mind and brain health based on the principle that yarn craft helps keep our brains and minds sharp, engaged and healthy. Get the free pattern booklet!

Neural Knitworks: Knitted and Crocheted Dendrites, Axons & Ganglia

“Neurons are electrically excitable cells of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. The billions of neurons in your body connect to each other in neural networks. They receive signals from every sense, control movement, create memories and form the neural basis of every thought.”

Scientifically informed knit, crotchet and knot patterns are available via Neural Knitworks, along with details for hosting your own Neural Knitwork and where to send your neurons.

Details and FREE pattern booklet: Neural Knitworks

Hat tip: The Sydney Morning Herald


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