What You Need to Know About Clothing with Embroidery

What You Need to Know About Clothing with Embroidery

You have seen embroidered designs on the backs of jackets and around the lapels of dress shirts. You have always wanted to create your very own embroidered piece, but you are not sure how to get started. You are not much with a needle and thread, and you do not believe you can afford to get someone to do it for you. There are a few things that you should know about making, purchasing, and caring for clothes that feature embroidery.

What You Need to Know About Clothing with Embroidery

Making an Embroidered Item

If you already know how to embroider, you can always attempt to make your own item. If you do not know how to embroider yet, you can get an embroidery kit or take a class. There are classes online that are inexpensive, and there are some free demonstrations on YouTube.

A good class will let you know what materials you need and guide you through the process. Learning how to embroider can be time-consuming. It is a hard skill to learn, and you will probably have to make a few practice pieces first.

You should buy cotton thread as it is the most popular variety to use for embroidery. You will find embroidery floss at most sewing stores. Embroider thread has six strands, and it can be hard to maneuver.

Let a Machine do the Work for You

There are computerized sewing machines that can do embroidery work. Such a machine can cost around $1000. Unless you are planning to sell your embroidery work or wear exclusively embroidered clothes, this is probably not practical.

Fortunately, there are companies online that have computerized sewing machines that can create flawless embroidery.

Some of these companies offer products on an on-demand basis. You will simply upload your design, and the machine will put it on a shirt, hat, or tote bag. You can make a single item or many. The machine will embroider the design flawlessly in minutes.

The on-demand company will then box up your item and send it to you. If you would prefer to have your initials embroidered on an article of clothing, most of these sites will offer a tool that allows you to type in lettering.

How to Care for Your Embroidered Item

If you get a hand-embroidered item, you may notice that the threads often snag. You may find yourself with a threadbare item if you are not careful. Most people will make at least a few mistakes when they embroider something by hand, and some of the threads will be loose. It might be best not to place hand embroidered items into a washing machine.

You should always use a mild laundry soap when cleaning embroidered items, and you should know that brightening agents will not work on embroidery thread. You should never leave an embroidered item to soak, and you should never wring them out.

If you wash clothing that has been embroidered by machine, you should use the gentle cycle and cold water.

A few pieces of embroidered clothing can really liven up your wardrobe. Knowing how to select and take care of your new duds can ensure that you will have them for a long time. Click here for more information.

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