5 Best YouTube Channels To Help You Learn Knitting

5 Best YouTube Channels To Help You Learn Knitting

Sometimes we need a hobby to keep the daily tiredness at bay and to rejuvenate the spirit with something we love. It may be painting, making art in other forms, or doing some other activity that eases our minds. It could be anything, depending on the people and their interests.

Some people may go fishing while some go to the movies but they all do this to help calm their minds and move out of the daily routines and stressors. There is all kind of activities to do and have your soul uplifted. For instance, knitting can be very therapeutic and calming for some people.

In this post, we will be talking about the art of knitting, how it helps people to focus, reduce stress, and make some amazing pieces of knitted items watching some amazing channels on YouTube. All you need is a smooth sailing connection to the internet, to connect and learn from unlimited tutorials online. If you want a recommendation for an internet provider with great services, you can check out Optimum internet service that provides reliable service and good quality in this line of business. Meanwhile, they provide a variety to choose from too.

Read on and learn about some of the amazing knitting channels on YouTube, and subscribe to the one that inspires you to learn and grow.

What is Knitting and Its Use?

Knitting is a method of production focusing on artistic skills, helping to make textile fabrics by interlacing yarn loops of the same or other yarns. You can make garments, household products, kitchen cloth, bath items, blankets, and even make artistic covers, such as the covers of fancy-shaped mirrors.

Knitting can be a soothing activity and help you to let go of your worries after a tiring day. In some research cases, it has been reported that knitting helps reduce stress and is used as an activity when performing group therapies to help patients with mental health issues. Both the activity itself and the use of yarn helps to distract people from the negative emotions they may be facing.

Read on about some other amazing benefits of knitting.

Some Major Benefits of Knitting

  • Knitting helps to reduce stressors and calm the senses.
  • Knitting helps to improve cognitive abilities like agility and memory
  • The activity helps boost self-confidence and social skills (like when in group therapy)
  • It can help break unhealthy habits and improve focus
  • Knitting helps create meaningful items to gift or just be proud of

Thus, knitting has a multipurpose use for people and is a productive activity to learn and do. If you already know some things about knitting, great. However, if you want to learn about knitting or to make knitting your passion, read ahead.

Watch and learn from some of the top channels on YouTube and get the art of knitting in your hands, make it a moneymaking activity providing both leisure or simply make it a proud new hobby.

Top YouTube Channel to Learn Knitting for Beginners

1. Sheep & Stitch: 464K Subscribers
This channel explains knitting on a beginner level. You will learn how to knit, gradually, and the tools or materials needed to achieve a successful knit. It will help you learn and grow while providing you with great inspiration from the outcome of every piece of knitting you complete.

2. Studio Knit: 350K Subscribers
It is a popular YouTube channel based on a passion for knitting. It has content for beginners and for advanced levels as well. There are step-by-step tutorials and helpful tips to show people how to knit and make beautiful designs. It is a go-to resource for people who want to learn how to knit and make it a passion.

3. Knitting Love: 189K Subscribers
This is a channel focused on inspiring people with different activities with a focus on knitting and all sorts of knitting styles and items. It has easy-to-follow tutorials and a range of knitting projects that you can follow to make knitting an interesting hobby or side hustle. Whether you are new to the craft or a pro, you will find this channel fun and you will not know the time that passed by while you are engrossed in this.

4. Very Pink Knits: 449K Subscribers
An amazing channel that provides beginner-friendly content for people. It has a wide variety of knitting techniques. People can learn how to knit scarfs, clothing items, gloves, etc., and how to use the right materials when knitting. You can master the art of knitting garments and be an amazing sport at it.

5. Grocery Girls Knit: 51.6K Subscribers
The two girls, Tracie and Jodie, running this show are fun to watch. It is a very conversational show. However, there is always a clear subject about knitting, what they will be teaching, and they encourage their viewers to learn and grow in this art. This is also more like a show rather than completely based on knitting, however, it revolves around the art of knitting. We all need a friend while we knit, right?

End Note

This brings us to the end of the article that can help you learn how you can instill a hobby of passion through the art of knitting. Watch these amazing channels and slowly you may find yourself becoming a pro in this activity. Who knows? You may even find yourself loving it and it may become a long-lasting habit for you.

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  1. Ian Riddell

    I’d also suggest Roxanne Richardson’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@RoxanneRichardson

    Her weekly Casual Friday podcasts have really helped me understand my knitting and the whole process better. I love how she thinks about things. And her Tuesday tutorials are some of the best out there for learning specific techniques. She’s not as flashy or hip as some other folks, but her knowledge is deep deep deep and her attitude about learning and skill building is really inspiring.

    I would highly recommend Rox’s channel to all.

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